Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Semi-formals: Have an Insight on How to get this Look

First and foremost, we need to know what does semi-formal means. Yes, it is completely okay if you are confused as the name “Semi-formal’will make anyone wonder how to style this look. Basically, this outfit falls between formal and informal style of dressing. Semi-formals are appropriate to wear at parties, weddings and other fancy conventional events. Though, it may sound simple, an extra attention needs to be paid while opting for these kinds of outfits.
One of the most essential parts while styling a semi-formal look is an eye-catching jacket. Try to play with colours and fabrics while choosing an ideal jacket to absolute this look. Go for extraordinary fabrics like velvet, linen and polyester. Instead of opting for colours like blue, black and grey, choose even more attractive shades such as maroon, royal blue and chocolate brown.If we talk about accessories, going minimal will work in your favour. Unlike, formals where a tie is a must, here it is optional and depends on your choice of styling. To look swag, it’s better to get-off that ritual. Talking about shirts, you can go for contrasting colours which perfectly blends with the colour of your jacket. A combination of polo-t-shirt with this outfit is a big ‘NO’. If you are bemused regarding what kind of footwear you need to team-up with this outfit, moccasins would be the best option.
As sophistication and elegance defines this look, you should smartly maintain this trend with right choice of apparels. Here are some tips you should keep in mind while opting for a semi-formal look.
·         Please do not over-dress. Always keep in mind that tuxedos do not come under semi-formal attire. As mentioned earlier, please do not go for polo-t-shirts, it will be a blunder in the name of fashion.
·         Your jacket should be well-tailored. It’s better to opt for custom shirts which will perfectly fit in your body.
·         Apart from jacket, an alternative option you can opt is astriking blazer. It will help you to create a debonair look especially if you are attending anafternoonoccasion.

As you have known in and out about semi-formals, we hope you do not have to think twice while styling this look. Bonsoir, one of the best online fashion portals has a keen interest in fashion and offers a wide variety of semi-formal outfits which will certainly help you out in a great way. Guys, it’s time to get this look in a right manner. 

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